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How To Tell If Water Damage Is New Or Old?

Knowing what kind of water damage you have is the first step in the commercial and residential water damage restoration process. If the damage is new, it means there’s a new leak somewhere in your plumbing or roof that needs to be repaired immediately. If the damage is old, there is a small leak somewhere, and the damage runs deeper than it appears.

At Mustache Mitigation, we’re a reputable water restoration company in Monroe with extensive experience in commercial and residential water damage restoration. We asked our licensed and certified professionals how to distinguish between new and old water damage. Here we compile what we learned.

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Consider The Condition Of Your House

When your house was built and how it was built can tell professionals a lot about the type of damage you have. For example, if you have damaged shingles and deteriorated flashing and some water damage spots start to appear on your roof, the damage is probably pretty old and has been growing even if the spots are new. If your house isn’t that old, it’s likely a new leak somewhere with little widespread damage.

Inspect The Spots Closely

Water from plumbing leaks and damaged roofing isn’t pure. It can have rust, tiny dust particles, and other substances. When water absorbs through your walls and starts to evaporate, it leaves behind these substances that were dissolved in the water. Inspecting these spots can tell a water damage restoration service professional a lot about the origin of the damage.

We can’t explain everything here, but here’s a rule of thumb. The damage may be new if you see spots in the form of single rings. However, the damage is likely pretty old if you see multiple layers of rings.

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Hire Water Extraction And Restoration Professionals

The only way to know whether damage spots are new or old is to hire a professional service provider with years of experience and an IICRC certification in water damage restoration.

At Mustache Mitigation, we’re a water damage restoration service that’s fully licensed and certified. All our commercial and residential water damage repair professionals are regularly trained to give reliable service.

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