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5 Ways Water Can Damage A Commercial Property

Do you see signs of water damage around your commercial property? It will only grow and may cost you a lot in repairs. This is regardless of whether you’re the landlord or a tenant. Worst-case scenarios, such as a pipe burst, can damage everything from the building’s structure to the furniture inside. If you don’t want the damage to grow into something bigger, call a water damage restoration service now!

Here are some of the many ways water can damage commercial property.

1- It Can Damage The Furniture

Water can cause a lot of damage inside in case of flooding. It has no trouble removing the polish from your wooden furniture, making it look dull. It can also cause irreversible damage to your carpet.

2- It Can Damage Goods In The Warehouse

Warehouses are usually located at a lower level than offices. If there is a pipe burst, the water will go down to your warehouse and damage all the goods stored there. A deteriorated warehouse roof is even worse in case of heavy rain.

Inside an office warehouse

3- It Can Destroy the Electronics

If there’s a pipe burst somewhere in your commercial building, you can say goodbye to your copiers and other electronics near ground level. These potential damages easily justify the cost of commercial water damage cleanup.

4- It Can Disrupt The Power 

Nothing is worse for productivity in today’s offices than a power outage. If there’s a pipe burst or a major leak on the roof, it can disrupt the power, costing your business up to a day worth of revenue.

5- It Can Cause Structural Damage To The Property

Even small plumbing and roof leaks can cause structural damage to your property over time. It can ruin your paint job and even rot the wood.

An office after water damage restoration service

Hire Commercial Water Damage Restoration Service

At Mustache Mitigation, we’re a recognized residential & commercial drying service provider in Monroe that is fully licensed and certified. Our commercial water restoration service uses state-of-the-art equipment and follows all the IICRC guidelines to minimize and restore water damage with minimal risks.

Want to save your property from water damage? Schedule a commercial water damage repair service now!


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