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Minimizing Water Damage from Pipe Bursts

One of the most frequent causes of residential and commercial water damage is pipe bursts. A pipe can freeze and break, flooding an entire home or business, especially during the winter. You should take precautions to stop a burst pipe from flooding your entire property because it can take a lot of time and money to restore a damaged residence.

Big-sized pipes used in factories and industries

Here are some suggestions for reducing or avoiding water damage caused by a busted pipe.

Cut off the Water Supply

Close the main water supply as soon as a pipe bursts and begins to fill up each room one at a time. If you leave it running, the water will ruin your furniture, valuables, and appliances. You can stop the water damage right where it is and concentrate on resolving the problem by shutting off the main water supply.

Dry the Affected Area

Many individuals simply leave the room with water pools and leaks and go. However, you shouldn’t ever do this because a room with water can harm your home. For instance, leaving puddles on wood flooring for a lengthy period of time might cause the flooring to rot. Furthermore, a wall with too much moisture may develop cracks or begin to sprout mold. You can lessen the consequences of the water damage by drying the area.

Remove the Wet Rugs and Carpets

Wet carpets and rugs should be removed so that the ground can dry while the area is being dried with cloths or mops. Your carpets and rugs soak up a lot of water, and a simple cloth won’t be able to dry them. So you may dry the moisture from beneath the carpets and rugs, remove them, and put them outside the house.

Remove valuables from the Affected Area

Do you realize that a burst pipe might potentially harm your belongings and furniture? A burst pipe can harm the machinery in a factory or warehouse, which are commercial structures. As a result, we advise transferring all machinery and appliances to a dry location and drying them if they burst pipe causes them to become wet.

A plumber fixing a leaking pipe

Hire a Water Damage Restoration Expert

No matter how much you do it yourself, you don’t have adequate equipment and tools to soak up moisture and water, which seeps into the small cracks and holes. For the best possible residential & commercial drying services, hire Mustache Mitigation in Monroe, GA. We provide residential and commercial water damage clean up at affordable rates. Contact us now for more details.




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