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What to Do When Your Basement Starts Flooding

Downpours can create a real mess by quickly flooding your basement. According to experts, you must deal with the issue immediately by mopping up water and clearing away clogged drains. This guide will further discuss steps to take when your basement starts flooding.

Ensure Electrical Safety

The first step in dealing with basement flooding is ensuring that the basement is safe to enter. If there’s an electrical outlet or appliance underwater, you can be electrocuted. Safely turn off the power to the flooded area before removing anything from the water.

If the circuit breaker is in the basement and can only be accessed by entering the water, reach out to your electrician.

Check the Water for Contamination

Check whether the water is contaminated. If there’s a pungent smell or the water is coming from your sewage system, seek professional assistance and stay out of the water. If the water is not contaminated, it’s better to wear a mask and gloves in the basement while cleaning to protect yourself from debris and unpleasant odors.

Stop the Flow of Water

To prevent your basement from filling up further and causing damage to the upper floor, stop the water source. If the pipe has cracked or burst, be sure to turn off the main water supply. However, this may not be an option in a natural disaster such as a hurricane. If you can identify where the water is coming from, consider blocking it with sandbags.

Pump Water Out

Try removing water from the basement by pumping it out. Based on the water height, consider using a pool pump, a wet/dry vacuum, a sump pump, or simply a bucket and mop. You can find a sump pump in the lowest part of your basement. If the water isn’t pumped out, it will inevitably get into other areas of the house.

 Water pumping system

Since you can’t dry up the entire place on your own, you’ll need professional assistance from a water damage restoration company. At Mustache Mitigation, our professionals offer water damage repair and cleanup services at affordable prices.

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