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How To Protect Your Furniture in Case Of a Major Leak


Water damage due to flooding is quite common, but it does not happen due to a small leak. It’s often caused due to pipe break or after a small leak turns into a big one. Water damage can damage your entire furniture and other valuables if not appropriately handled. In case your house is susceptible to frequent water damage, there’s something that you’re overlooking.

In this post, we will tell you how you can protect your furniture in case there’s a major leak in your house.

1. Remove the Furniture if there’s Time!

The first step should be to protect your furniture, and the best way to do it is by removing it from its original location. If the flooding has just started, you will have time to take the furniture out of the room. If the furniture is too heavy to move, surround it with clean clothes to prevent damage.

It’ll be a little tiring and physically challenging, but it’s a necessary step. You must have invested hundreds and thousands of dollars in setting up your house; it’s a small price that you have to pay to protect it.

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2. Dry Out The Space to Remove Moisture

Water damage causes humidity that welcomes fungal spores and mold growth. You must dry out the water quickly to prevent moisture from disrupting your furniture. Turn on all the fans in the room and use a drier to control humidity.

Extended exposure to moisture can make the furniture stink or lose its appearance, not to mention the list of electrical hazards it exposes the occupants to!

3. Call an Expert for Commercial or Residential Water Restoration Services

Don’t wait when there’s a flood in your house. Yes, it would help if you took all measures to protect your home and belongings, but immediately call an expert to take over the job.

If you need someone experienced, then we’re here to help you. With years of hands-on experience and proper training, we’re the best water extraction and restoration company in Monroe, Georgia. We always listen to our clients and address all their concerns in no time.

We will adequately inspect your house to look for the root cause of leaks and save your furniture from damage.

We’re here to address all your concerns, so call us today for any residential or commercial water restoration.


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