Why Mustache Mitigation?

Water losses happen quickly and we specialize in acting just as quick! We will immediately mobilize to your location and begin the initial diagnosis and equipment setup. We will monitor all drying gear daily and keep you informed on the drying process, any safety concerns, and what your next steps should be. We have in-house licenses insurance adjusters that can also handle the cumbersome insurance claims process for you, as well. 

Your Reason to Call Mustache Mitigation Today

Available Around
the Clock

We are available for emergency mitigation services 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Service Providers

Our technicians are trained, licensed, and certified in industry leading practices! Mustache Mitigation follows IICRC guidelines.

Insurance Claims

Discover the best offers for residential and commercial water damage restoration services at Mustache Mitigation.


Unlike most of our competitors, Mustache Mitigation is not a franchise, but a friendly local company based in Walton County!

The moment you call Mustache Mitigation, we begin preparations to mobilize. After we’ve explained the process and services, and you give us the approval, we head straight to the property. Upon arrival, we will confirm authorization to begin mitigation work and begin any immediate demo work that needs to be done to prevent further damages. We will evaluate the loss and set up appropriate drying equipment and apply any antimicrobials or disinfectants appropriate for your loss. We will visit the property every day to take moisture readings and ensure the drying process is running as effectively as possible. Upon completion, we will turn over all documents (including an industry standard Xactimate estimate, as required by most insurance carriers,) photos, and drying logs to you and/or your insurance carrier.

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