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Water Damage in Office Buildings – How to Stop It?

Commercial water damage not only damages buildings but also halts business operations for a long time, resulting in significant financial loss. In addition, you need to pay a lot to restore the building to its original condition. Therefore, the best way to keep your business running is by taking appropriate prevention steps to stop water damage.

Here are some ways to stop commercial water damage in office buildings.

Protect and Maintain the Pipes

Leaking pipes are one of the most common cause of commercial water damage. Most businesses and commercial facilities operate from older buildings, where rusty pipes are prone to get damaged easily.

Therefore, you should inspect and maintain these pipes regularly. Moreover, some commercial areas have a hard water supply with added minerals that speed up the corrosion process in pipes. Get the necessary water softening treatment, or replace the pipes when needed.

Train Staff to Report Water Damage

Yes, an inspection team is responsible for handling pipe and equipment maintenance to stop water damage. But preventing water damage is an all-team effort. Offices must inform all staff members to report a leak or any other water damage sign as soon as they spot it.

In addition, all staff members must know about the location of the main water valve and how to shut it off in case of a major leak. A training team can bring this up in a training session to ensure that every member knows how to respond to water damage.

Install Technology and Equipment

Preventive steps are essential to ensure that your commercial space doesn’t have to deal with commercial water damage, but preparing for an emergency is also necessary. For instance, office teams should have the equipment to minimize water damage, including drying and water extraction tools.

In addition, staff members should know when to evacuate the building, how to prevent health hazards, and save valuables like computers and routers from water damage. A technology solution that monitors water flow in pipelines can also indicate a leak, helping you prevent significant water damage.

People working in an office room with no water damage

However, commercial water damage is unavoidable in certain circumstances. Hiring a water damage restoration service in Monroe, GA, is the best way to ensure that it has the least possible impact on your business.

At Mustache Mitigation, our commercial water damage cleanup removes water damage as soon as possible so that your commercial space can resume work again.

Book an appointment with us today, and let our water damage repair services restore your operations immediately.

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