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How To Detect Water Leaks?

You may never have thought of it this way, but even a small leak of ten drips per minute can waste 446400 drips of water per month. Since a gallon has roughly 15,140 drips, this amounts to 29.5 gallons of water wasted every month. This is a high cost to the environment and your pocket. Water leaks can also deteriorate your house, costing you even more in repairs.

We asked our residential water damage repair professionals at Mustache Mitigation how residents can detect and locate leaks in the house. Here, we walk you through the process.

Potentially leaky plumbing

Step 1:Check The Water Meter

Turn off all your appliances and faucets, and ensure no water is running. Then, check if your water meter is running. The needle only moves for high water flow, but a small leak detector in most water meters spins when there’s a leak. If your water meter doesn’t have a leak detector, note the location of the needle and come back to check in an hour. If it has moved, you have a leak.

Step 2: Determine If The Leak Is Inside Or Outside Your House

Turn off your house’s main valve and check the meter again the same way as in step 1. If the meter shows a leak, the leak is outside your house. If the meter doesn’t show a leak, that means the leak is inside your house.

A water meter

Step 3: Inspect The Grass Outside

If the leak is outside, walk around your house and inspect the grass. If there is a patch of grass that’s greener than other areas, it may be because it’s getting water from a leak.

Step 4: Inspect Your Appliances Inside

If the leak is inside, check your appliances, such as water heaters and washing machines, to see if they’re leaking. If you can’t find a leak near your appliances, you may have a slab leak.

Step 5: Call a Professional Water Damage Restoration Service

Water can cause considerable damage to your house no matter where it is. At Mustache Mitigation, we’re a water damage restoration service in Monroe, offering a range of commercial and residential water damage restoration services.

Want to bring your house back to its former glory with professional residential water restoration? Get in touch now!


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