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Dos and Don’ts During a Water Damage Situation

We understand that water entering your house and flooding your rooms is never a pleasant experience. Many people panic and just try to leave the house or collect their assets, but the most crucial thing during residential water damage is staying calm and following a water damage cleanup checklist.

Here are the dos and don’ts during a water damage situation that you must follow.

Do – Turn Off the Source

If the water damage is happening due to a leaking pipe or appliance, you need to immediately shut off the main valve or the source. However, if rainwater is entering your house, we recommend shutting down the windows and doors to minimize water damage as much as possible.

Don’t — Use Electronic Appliances

According to research, around 300 people in the United States die due to electrocution. To ensure that you and your family remain safe, never use electric appliances in a house with water damage.

If using an electric appliance is necessary, make sure to plug it into a socket, away from water damage. In addition, always wear rubber shoes while plugging in and using an electric appliance in a water-damaged residence.

Do — Dry Out Excess Water

We understand that many people want to wait for a professional water damage repair service, and rightly so! But, by drying out and removing excess water from your house, you’ll reduce the water damage and make things easier for both you and the water cleanup service you hire later. You can use wet towels, buckets, sponges, and cloths to dry out the affected area.

Don’t — Let Wet Furniture Remain in The Affected Area

Do you know that water damage can also harm your furniture, appliances, electronic items, decorative things, and more? This is why you should never let these sit in the water-damaged area for an extended period. Instead, remove the furniture, electronics, and valuable items you own and move them to a dry place.

Do — Hire a Water Damage Repair Service

Some people think that drying their houses is enough, but water can get beneath your carpet and appliances and in the cracks of walls and flooring. This water results in moss growth and paint cracks, which is why hiring professionals to repair water damage is a must!

Dry out excess water from the water damaged-area

A residential water damage repair service uses the latest equipment to ensure that your house is completely dry and damage-free. At Mustache Mitigation, we help undo the damage! Try our commercial and residential water damage cleanup services in Monroe, GA, and witness your place become as good as new again!

Get in touch with us for a water damage restoration appointment.

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