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4 Water Damage Restoration FAQs

Water damage restoration services allow residential and commercial buildings to restore their original condition. However, many people choose to ignore water damage because of the lack of information about the service.

Here are the answers to some water damage restoration FAQs that will help you learn more about water damage repair.

Does Insurance Cover Water Damage Restoration Charges?

Most insurance companies cover commercial and residential water damage from accidents or equipment. However, you can’t claim insurance if the water damage happened due to your negligence in taking preventive measures. For instance, if you don’t get equipment repaired in a commercial building, resulting in water damage, the insurance won’t cover it. In addition, insurance doesn’t cover water damage from natural causes like floods.

What is the Water Damage Repair Process?

The water damage restoration process has two primary steps. In the first step, water damage restoration workers extract the water from a property. In the next step, they use industry equipment like dehumidifiers to dry any moisture, preventing mold growth and other effects. In addition, they also repair any significant signs of water damage.

How Much Time Does a Water Damage Restoration Process Take?

The timeframe of a water damage restoration process depends upon the amount of water damage in a place. If your property is completely flooded with water, extracting the water will take 3-4 days or more.

However, if only one room has water, water damage repair services can extract it within a few hours or a day. The next step of the process, the drying and repairing part, lasts longer. It also depends upon the extent of water damage on a property.

What Are the Signs That I Should Get Water Damage Repair?

The worst thing about water damage is that it’s not always visible. In some cases, like flooding, or pipe bursts, you can see the water filling your house, but that doesn’t always happen.

For instance, a pipe leak could happen behind a wall, and you wouldn’t know it unless you look for the signs. Some signs that your house needs water damage restoration includes peeled paint and cracked walls, mold growth, and a pungent smell.

Residential water damage after-effects

Now that you’ve got the answer to your water damage restoration FAQs, you should try one! At Mustache Mitigation, we offer commercial and residential water damage cleanup in Monroe, GA, eliminating all water damage after-effects and restoring your place to its original condition. Reach out to us for more water damage repair questions, or book an appointment today!

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