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Top 3 Causes of Commercial Water Damage

When it comes to commercial buildings, managers are responsible for building maintenance. Building management needs to keep many things in check and balance to minimize the possibility of commercial water damage.

Here are the top causes of commercial water damage in offices, factories, and buildings, everywhere.

Damaged Plumbing System and Sprinklers

Yes, pipes and plumbing systems are essential to supply water to the whole commercial building but do you know that these are also a cause of commercial water damage? Old, rusty, and worn-out pipes often lead to pipe cracks and leaks, resulting in commercial water damage.

Everything from taps drains, and pipes to the sprinkler system can be a threat if the commercial building management doesn’t take care of it properly. Therefore, managers need to look out for any pipe or sprinkler damage symptoms and address them immediately. Replacing pipes whenever they get old should also be a priority.

Old HVAC System

You might be surprised to read this, but the heating and cooling system can also cause commercial water damage. These heating and cooling systems are necessary for any commercial building, but old HVAC systems start to leak over time. This water leakage can result in extensive water damage.

Damaged Roofing

The roofing system is the most crucial part of any commercial building, but it’s also the one that managers should lookout for the most! Any damage to the roof or its components can allow water to get into the building, causing commercial water damage. Minor water leaks can trickle down the walls, damaging the paint and the building’s structure.

On the other hand, rainwater and snowstorms can even enter the building, destroy the machinery and negatively impact the workers. Therefore, building managers should schedule regular roof inspections to prevent water from entering the building. If you notice moisture or damp spots on the wall, it’s time for a roof checkup and repair.

Roof leaks can cause water damage in a commercial building

However, many signs of commercial water damage are invisible, and damp spots or mold growth aren’t always necessary! After a rain, flood, or leaking pipe in your factory, getting commercial water restoration in Monroe is a must!

At Mustache Mitigation, we offer commercial water damage repair services in Monroe that restore your building to its original condition. Schedule an appointment today!

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