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How to Prevent a Leaking Pipe?

A leaking pipe can cause significant residential water damage, flood your house, and force you to live in hotels while a residential water cleanup service fixes the plumbing and damage. Moreover, you would also have to pay hundreds of dollars to replace pipes and get temporary replacement housing. Therefore, the best way to prevent this financial damage is to prevent a leaking pipe.

Here are some steps you can take to prevent a leaking pipe before it even begins.


Measure Your Water Pressure

Let us tell you that protecting your house from pipe leaks is a long, multiple-step process. It begins with measuring your water supply pressure. You have to ensure that the water-flowing pressure throughout all the pipes in your house is below 60 PSI.

If the pressure goes above 60 PSI, it can damage the water pipes, leading to leaks. We recommend you keep the water pressure between 30 and 50 PSI. Anything above that, and pipes leaks will start to damage your house.

Tighten the Fittings Under the Sinks

We understand that preventing pipe leaks is a multiple-step process, but most of these steps are easy and require little to no effort. Another low-effort step you can take to prevent a leaking pipe is to tighten the fittings under the sinks.

Start by running your hand under the traps of the kitchen sink to feel any signs of moisture. You should tighten the fittings to prevent any future pipe leaks if you feel moisture. Moreover, you can inspect the trap to ensure it isn’t damaged or corroded. If it looks battered, replace it before it leads to water leaks.

Insulate Pipes Before the Winter Season Rolls In

Another common reason for pipe leaking is frozen pipes in the winter season. However, these pipe leaks are more extreme than the usual pipe leaks. In this pipe leaks, the pipes freeze, and the water inside the pipes transforms into ice. The ice expands the pipes, resulting in pipe bursts and leaks.

Therefore, we recommend insulating water pipes in the cold part of your house—Insulate pipes in the basement, garage, and under the sinks where the heat from the full-house heater doesn’t reach.A leaking pipe joint causing water damage

However, preventing a leak isn’t always possible and old pipes can also start leaking. In such cases, we recommend hiring a residential water cleanup service to minimize water damage. At Mustache Mitigation, our professional workers perform residential water restoration in Monroe at affordable rates.

Schedule a residential water damage repair appointment with us today, and ensure that the leaking pipe doesn’t destroy your house.

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