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Water Damage — Categories and Risks

Have you ever witnessed water damage in and around your residential or commercial property? That’s the worst, right? We understand that you might panic trying to get residential water damage repair, but you need to know the water damage category before opting for a solution. You should only get the water damage restoration fitting your water damage category, and for that, you need to research beforehand!

Here are some categories of water damage and their risk to your house.

Category One: Clean Water Damage

The IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) divides water damage into three categories. As the name suggests, category one water damage is the least severe category of water damage. On the IICRC scale, this water damage happens when broken pipes and plumbing issues result in residential water damage.

In addition, the category of clean water damage also includes water damage from appliances, sinks, and bathtubs overflow. The only reason this water damage is less severe is that it consists of clean water. Clean water is free from sewage waste and toxins, making recovering the damage easier. Clean water damage only requires a drying out session with water damage repair services to be as good as new again!

Category Two: Gray Water Damage

Unlike clean water damage, gray water damage is more severe and is harder to clean. Gray water damage happens when chemical-containing appliances like washing machines, sump pump backups, and toilets overflow and leak.

In addition, if the water has many toxins, gray water damage can be harmful to the house’s residents. Therefore, it’s essential to clean the water damage as soon as possible, as the chemicals and waste in the water can damage the house and your health if left untreated.

Category Three: Black Water Damage

IICRC scale terms black water damage as the most severe kind of water damage. This water damage originates from sewage water, floodwater, groundwater, river water, and any other water damage from natural sources.

When black water damage occurs, it’s necessary to remove particular furniture and appliances from your home, as this damage is irreversible. In addition, fixing black water damage should be the priority of every homeowner.

Sewage water causes category three water damage

Without water damage repair, category 1,2, and 3 water damage will get into your house foundations and seep behind the walls. At Mustache Mitigation, we offer water damage repair services in Monroe, GA, that provides individualized water damage repair solutions based on the damage category and risk.

Schedule a water cleanup appointment, and get your residential and commercial buildings back in their original condition!

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