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3 Causes of Water Damage in Commercial Areas and Workplaces

Managers have the responsibility of maintenance works for commercial structures. To reduce the likelihood of commercial water damage, the management must balance a number of factors.

A commercial building

Here are some of the main reasons why commercial facilities, including offices, industries, and factories, experienced water damage.

1. Old or Damaged Roof

Any business building’s roof is one of its most important components. Subsequently, the one managers need to take care of without any compromise! Any harm to the roofing or its parts can let water inside the structure, resulting in commercial water damage. Small water leaks through cracks or open spaces can cause paint and structural damage to the building by trickling down through the walls all the way down to the floor.


Apart from paint or structural damage, rain and snowfall could even infiltrate the structure, damage the equipment, and hurt the employees inside. Consequently, building managers must plan routine roof inspections and repairs if required to stop water, snow, or moisture from entering any commercial facility. A roof inspection and repair might be necessary if you see wetness or damp patches on the roof, wall, or floor.


2. Damaged Plumbing

In order to let water in every part of the commercial building, a plumbing system consisting of multiple pipes is necessary, but did you know if these pipes or the plumbing has any issues, it can also result in commercial water damage? Commercial water damage is frequently caused by cracked and leaking old, rusted, and damaged pipes.

Plumbing of a building

If the corporate building management does not really take good care of everything, from drains and taps to pipes and sprinklers, it might all pose a concern. Therefore, managers must be alert for any signs of plumbing or pipe leakage and take fast action. The replacement of aging pipes should likewise be a top priority.


3. Old or Damaged HVAC System

The air conditioning or the HVAC system could also result in commercial water damage, which may surprise you since almost every building has one installed. All commercial buildings need HVAC equipment, but after time, outdated HVAC systems begin to leak. This water leakage has the potential to cause significant water damage. HVAC systems must be maintained, and regular inspections should be held to ensure no damage or faults.

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