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Asbestos—Meaning, Associated Issues, and Why You Need to Worry About It

We all know the visible risks of flooding and water damage. Moisture buildup, property and furniture damage, and contamination are a few that come to mind. However, there are some water-damage-related issues that you may not know about.

For example, asbestos exposure.

Asbestos is a dangerously toxic substance known for its health-damaging properties. Asbestos is a silicate mineral. It has been a major part of different building materials like cement, bricks, and pipes for several decades. Thankfully, EPA now requires building material manufacturers to eliminate the use of asbestos in their products.

But there’s one issue that still worries property owners to date. Old buildings are still at risk of having asbestos in their construction materials. And this substance can make it to the water supply in the pipes!

So let’s dig deeper and uncover everything you should know about asbestos.

Corrosive Pipes

Mustache Mitigation is a leading water damage repair and restoration company in Monroe. We have been treating several water-damaged properties for many years. And therefore, we have come across instances where asbestos played a big role in intensifying water damage effects.

One of the main reasons behind the presence of asbestos in water are corrosive and old pipes. Property owners who ignore timely piping system repair usually deal with water damage and increased asbestos exposure. That’s why not only is it important to tackle water damage right away, but you also need to stay on top of pipe repairs and water supply quality assurance.


Fast-running tap water

Flooded Properties

Water damage caused by leaky, broken, or burst pipes can cause your property to flood. This may cause asbestos release if the pipes were installed in the 80s. A professional water damage restoration company is your best bet to deal with a flooding bathroom or kitchen. You should also keep an eye on your backyard and roofing system to eliminate early signs of water damage.

We offer complete dry-out, material demolition, moisture readings, and water extraction services to help you minimize the effects of water damage.

How Can We Help You Combat the Health Hazards Caused by Asbestos in Water?

Mustache Mitigation’s 24/7 water damage repair and restoration services in Monroe are here to help you deal with water-led emergencies. We also provide water damage mitigation and effective cleanup services at competitive rates.

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